Dive Sites

We offer a variety of Dive Sites for divers of all levels of experience

The Fish Market

As the name suggests, this site is home to thousands and thousands of colourful tropical reef fish. Huge schools of Soldier Fish, Squirrel Fish and Yellow Striped Snapper hover close to the reef, while Sharks, Rays, Tuna, Blue Fin Travelley, Turtles and other BIG critters are often spotted out in the blue.

The Big W’s

Huge coral heads shaped like the letter ‘W’ located on the outside of the Barrier Reef on the edge of the abyss. The W’s provides big fish action. Rays, Sharks and large schools of Buffalo Parrot Fish are often seen.

Tavarua Wall

A stunning wall covered with colourful hard and soft corals and home to an abundance of marine life both big and small. There is also a swim through which is home to Lion Fish, South Pacific Painted Crays and a Moray Eel.

The Supermarket

A popular shark encounter dive, The Supermarket is home to White Tip, Black Tip and Gray Reef Sharks as well as schools of Barracuda, Gropers and Red Bass Snappers. (Listed in “The World’s Top 100 Dives” Guidebook).

The Pinnacle

This site consists of a single coral pinnacle rising out of 27m of water to within 10m of the surface. It’s swim through and overhangs are covered in a multitude of vibrant soft corals and the top of the reef is home to an Anemone and Clown Fish garden. A fantastic macro photography site! (Listed in “The World’s Top 100 Dives” Guidebook).

Salamander Wreck

Sitting upright in 27 meters of water the Salamander is a 30m ex- Blue Lagoon cruise ship that has become home to a variety of fish life. Common resident are a Moray Eel, Lion Fish, Puffer Fish, Coral Trout and Coral Banded Shrimp. The wreck is easy to penetrate under the supervision of your dive guide.

Wilkes Wall

This stunning outer reef coral cay stands perched on the edge of a 1000 meters plunge into the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Diving here on the outer reef slopes is spectacular, offering prolific fish life with great visibility. There is always a good chance of seeing Manta Rays, Nurse Sharks, King Fish and other pelagics.