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Testimonials | Adrenalin Fiji


Read our comments and testimonials about Adrenalin's activities in Fiji from all over the world!

Hot Air Ballooning

Loved the view, it was mesmerizing -
8 August 2010
Alisha Ali, Sydney Australia

Amazing! Thank you!
8 August 2010
Michelle & Stephen Bednarzyk, Guam

Experience very enjoyable. Fantastic! Thanks!
7 August 2010
Marcos Vinicius Komoto, Losita Brazil

Fantastic Adventure!!
7 August 2010
Margio Bartasevicius, San Paulo Brazil

1 June 2010
Norihisa Okamoto, Tokyo Japan

Virgin balloonist - memorable thankyou xx
31 July 2010
Debra & Darryl, Australia

Fantastic flight and experience.
26 July 2010
Marilyn Stobie, New Zealand

Gloriously tranquil. Great experience.
26 July 2010
Adrian & Carol Sofield, Fiji

Wonderful!! What a way to see Fiji
23 July 2010
Chris & Anita Keith, Stony Plain Canada

A fantastic addition to our holiday experience.
23 July 2010
Rose Vescovo, Kent Town South Australia

My dream ride, unforgettable. Thank you.
9 July 2010
Sumera Khalid & Khalid Patel, Essex London

Fantastic pilot and team which made the experience
9 July 2010
Gavin & Irene Sim, Auchterless Scotland

Absolutely magic experience, very enjoyable.
30 June 2010
Cheryl Bancroft & Lionel Camm, Australia

Excellent landscape and panoramic view!
2 June 2010
Becky Tsui, Hong Kong