Destination Fiji

About the beautiful islands of Fiji

The Fiji Islands

The major tourist activity occurs on the western side of the island called Viti Levu, and the international airport is located in Nadi (pronounced Nandi). From the airport it is a short taxi ride to Denarau Island where six international standard resorts - Hilton, Sofitel, Westin, Sheraton, Radisson and Wyndham - and a great selection of restaurants and watersports are located.

Port Denarau Marina is the gateway to the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands where you experience island life of white sandy beaches and palm trees. Fiji is referred to as the soft coral capital of the world.


The 300+ islands of Fiji enjoy a tropical climate tempered by trade winds but subject to mother natures fury from time to time when tropical cyclones develop nearby. Warm sea temperatures in the tropical south Pacific mean average temperatures hover in the warm region, neither extremely hot nor extremely cold. 

Daytime maximum temperatures rarely get above 35 Celsius, and at night temperatures typically hover around the mid to high teens in the dry season but in the highlands temperatures can fall into the high single digits from time to time.

Summer is the warm and humid season, humidity can become overbearing at times but a shady palm tree, a sea breeze and a cool drink brings quick relief. During winter months the mild temperatures and abundance of sunshine and picture perfect islands draws thousands from colder climes to Fiji every year.

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Fiji people are famous for many things, including their friendliness & Bula Spirit. The people’s way of life and culture is oriented around the value of family and friends; no one hesitates to lend a hand… or a smile! 

The land is a home to almost 830,000 Indigenous Fijians, Indo-Fijians, Pacific Islanders, Chinese, and European people who come to Fiji for the lifestyle and thrive among the vibrant multiculturalism. Traditionally ceremonies have been intricate to the survival of Fijian culture, so be sure to witness a Meke (dance), drink plenty of Yaqona (kava) and chow-down on some magnificent Lovo (an earth-fired feast!).

Paradise is more than sunshine, white sandy beaches and divine oceans- we all know Fiji is that- it’s us, the people, the way we live, the way we think & the way we will make you feel. You won’t just meet new people in Fiji, you will have the chance to make good friends and make unforgettable bonds. We have the kava pounded and ready, -don't ask, just lako mai (come!) enjoy the ritual and the tumb nounge, sorry - the numb tongue!

WELCOME TO FIJI, please make our paradise & family yours!

Words you will hear a lot when you get here:

Bula: welcome, hello
Vinaka: thank you
Moce: (pronounced moth-ey) good-bye
Set: done; good to go; alright