The Fishing Gear

Our fleet of fishing vessels are rigged with the internationally renowned Shimano Tiagra and Trynos, on Shimano T-Curve Bluewater stand-up and bent butt rods, in line classes from 10 to 60 kg as well as the reputable Shimano Stella 2000 for popping/jigging.

Opulence and Synergy are rigged for medium to heavy tackle fishing whilst the Katchalot is rigged for light tackle fishing.

We use:

Custom rigged small, medium and large skirted lures

  • Halso Laser Pros
  • Halco/Yo Zuri Gaint Tremblers
  • Halco/Captiva Dumbell Poppers
  • Halco Max
  • River 2 Sea Metal Jigs
  • Jig heads with soft bait